Mark Gillespie, Author at Scout Foundation NI

26 November 2021

A Time Capsule for 2021 provides key learning aids – lesson plans (some have a supporting PowerPoint), an animation and a time capsule fact file – to explore what a time capsule is and how pupils can capture the essence of 2021. The target audience is Primary and Key Stage 3.


25 October 2021

Some resources that may be useful for Scouters provided by Nyci. These include "Working Safely in a Youth Club", "Youth Arts Toolkit", "8 Steps to Inclusive Youth Work", "Youth, Power And Planet: One World Week resource pack".

23 March 2021

A short summary and link to further information for using the Gift Aid Small Donations Schemes (GASDS), which is used in circumstances where it would not be feasible or practical to obtain a Gift Aid declaration in respect of small donations (for example bucket collections, bag packs, etc)