From small acorns…

A practical tree conservation programme for all sections

The ‘From small acorns’ programme is an ambitious practical tree conservation project that intends to develop in groups a wide range of knowledge and expertise in the harvesting and growing of native trees and in helping them recognise the important roles trees play in helping tackle climate change issues and in supporting a mix of bio-diversity to exist.

Spanning just over a year, the ‘From small acorns’ programme will encourage groups to recognise and identify some of the native tree species found across the province. It will support groups to learn the practical skills necessary to collect and prepare seeds and the techniques needed to assist germination and growing.

The programme will conclude with the tree saplings being planted onwards to help support and conserve native tree life as well as help to combat the issues that climate change is bringing to us all.

Through the SFNI Programme Lead and with support from the Scouting Ireland Programme Team, there will be a limited number of bursary’s made available to all Northern Province Groups to help support groups in the delivery of ‘From small acorns’ and other environmental based projects.

The bursary can be used to purchase equipment, tools and resources necessary in helping young people to make a positive impact on environmental, climate and/ or sustainability based issues.

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