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Personal Development/ Leadership/ Health & Wellbeing/ Environment etc.

Scouting offers a great opportunity to support and develop a range of skills that youth members will carry forward as they progress across adolescence and into adulthood.

Whether it be through working toward SPICES learning or taking part in a wide range of personal and social development activities, Scouting programme and delivery provide the best opportunities for young people to reach and maximise their potential.

Across this area you will find a range of non-Adventure Skills related programme and activity ideas to support you in shaping the experiences and development of youth members.

If you would like more help with planning and running a these type of activity, incorporating them into your current delivery, please contact the SFNI Programme Lead via Programmelead@SFNI.org

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Health & Wellbeing

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Click for PDF Health & Wellbeing ‘One Shot’ sessions

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Personal Development & Leadership

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Click for PDF Youth Leadership Programme

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Environmental Learning

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Click for PDF ‘From Small Acorns Project’

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Scouting Ireland: General Programme Ideas

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