SFNI Youth Team Guide

The Scouting Youth Team Guide has been developed to help promote the importance of capturing and using the voice of the young people we work with and support.

Talking with, listening to and acting upon the thoughts, interests and directions that all our young people bring with them when exploring and planning their Scouting adventure is something that we all encourage and take part in.

The Scouting Youth Team guide offers an approach that you may already use or alternatively help support you in discussing experiences for your group and engaging them in shaping what you do.

The Scouting Youth Team model that is set out by the guide intends to ensure that a space is created for young people to be heard and their voices used at Group, County and Province level.

Resources on this page include:

Scouting Youth Team Guide pdf

3x Posters explaining and detailing the Scout Youth Team for use in group pdf

Download SFNI Youth Team Model pdf

Youth Team Poster #1 Recruitment pdf

Youth Team Poster #2 Information pdf

Youth Team Poster #3 Process pdf