Pioneering- A Quick Guide

A guide to introducing Scouting Ireland Pioneering Skills Levels 1-4

This ‘quick guide’ provides a range of knowledge for you to use when embarking on delivering a Pioneering programme up to level 4 of the Adventure Skills.

It offers guidance in introducing pioneering skills and exploring some of the terms and ‘basic’ shapes that will be used. It introduces rope and the range of knots necessary to assist you and details many of the ‘lashings’ and additional techniques needed to assist us in our pioneering builds.

You will also find guidance on how to run your pioneering activities and information about some of the tools you will use.

This guide has not been designed to replace any of the training and learning you as a Scouter should embark upon and develop before developing and delivering your own Pioneering programme, instead it has been designed to compliment and illustrate the key skills required.

If you have any questions or would like to receive additional support and guidance in the use of this resource email