A Pocket Guide to Backwoods

Introducing Backwoods Skills up to level 4 and beyond

This ‘pocket guide’ has been developed by the SFNI Programme Lead to help support and compliment Scouters understanding of Backwoods Adventure Skills and in the delivery of many elements linked to the Backwoods Adventure Skills up to level 4.

The guide will introduce some of the resources and kit that is needed to take part in a Backwoods adventure. It explores how to set up a range of shelter, covers how to build fires safely and introduces some basic knowledge around knife skills and camp crafting. The guide also discusses how to cook in a Backwoods environment and finishes by introducing tree and fruit idents as part of Backwoods level 4 and higher skills.

Where the guide is not to be used as a substitution for the required training Scouters must undertake before delivering training in these areas, it does provide an introduction and basic understanding to many of the skills delivered in Backwoods programmes and offers some guidance for activities to deliver in developing your own programme with your group.

If you have any questions or would like to receive additional support and guidance in the use of this resource email programmelead@sfni.org