Chief Scout Award & Special Interest Badges – Rover Scouts

Special Interest Badges are fantastic badges which allow our young people to achieve recognition for the many skills and talents they have which are not already defined in the Adventure Skills Badges. Whilst the adventure badges focus on the nine most popular Scouting skills, there are many other skills for which you can earn a Special Interest Badge.

These Special Interest Badges are available in five areas: Environment, Community, Skills, Adventure and Physical. You should design your skill, talent or project to meet the requirements of one or more of these areas so you can achieve a special interest badge. Full resources below.

The Chief Scout Award is about personal development. It, like all other challenges in Scouting, is centred on assisting the self-development of the young person. Each Scout must be in control of their own journey; and they, with the help of a Scouter, choose the individual tasks and challenges that will help them make progress towards the award. Full resources below.

Rover Chief Scout Award Requirements









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For all those achievements that don’t fit into a predefined box (PDF)

Intro – Special Interest Badges

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Guide for use with all sections, regardless of age group (PDF)

Guide – Special Interest Badges

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Read a short summary of the Rover CSA (PDF)

Summary – Chief Scout Award

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The Chief Scout Award user manual for all sections (PDF)

Manual – Chief Scout Award

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The application to be filled out by a Rover prior to taking part in the CSA (PDF)

Apply – Chief Scout Award

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The final document to be filled and submitted (PDF)

Completion – Chief Scout Award