Return to Scouting RESTART Guide for Northern Ireland

Created by SFNI September 2020

The Return to Scouting RESTART Guide for Northern Ireland was created by SFNI in September 2020 to:

  • provide clarity with regard to practical approaches for a safe reopening of Scouting Ireland scout groups located in Northern Ireland;
  • in so doing, promote consistency of approach across Northern Ireland, whilst ensuring appropriate local flexibility for Scout Groups and volunteers to adapt and adopt approaches that best suit their groups needs and;
  • seek to maximise the safety of volunteers, youth members and their families.

The guidance is written with a view to providing a framework for the safe restart of scouting activities.  It is a combination of the guidance available from numerous sources at that time (although it’s content is still relevant today).

It includes key considerations and responsibilities and sets expectations on how your Scout Group can phase back into the delivery of scouting activities safely. The RESTART guide includes support tools to assist your Scout Group in meeting those responsibilities.

A small number of printed copies are available if required. Please email to request a copy to be posted to you.