The Charity Commission NI – Online Services

A link to The Charity Commission NI website

This is a link to the Charity Commission’s Online services, where you will be able to:.

  • view and make changes to your charity’s details (trustees’ details, email addresses and contact details), and
  • view and submit your charity’s Annual Monitoring Return.

It is the responsibility of trustees to keep all of this information up to date, accurate and ensure it is in line with the organisation’s governing document.

Log in using your charity’s Northern Ireland Charity (NIC) number (numbers only) as the user name along with the secure password. You will have received this password upon registration as a charity to the email address supplied for Commission use.

If you have forgotten or lost this password, you can click on the ‘Forgotten Your Password’ link to re-issue a new password. If you need to change the email address for Commission use connected with your charity, you will need contact the Commission using the ‘Contact us’ link via the main website.