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Backwoods living and learning is a central tenant of what Scouting aims to achieve in teaching members how to be comfortable, self-sufficient, self-reliant and at one with nature and the environment around us.

Backwoods Adventure Skills and learning hold multiple links with other Adventure Skills such as Camping, Pioneering and Emergencies and will provide a great opportunity for you to introduce or compliment these skills as part of the Scouting Journey.

Here you will find all things Backwoods related.

This page is dedicated to providing you with training resources, guidance and hints & tips in helping you create a Backwoods learning programme and adventure that suits you and your group.

If you would like more help with planning and running a Backwoods Programme, contact the SFNI Programme Lead via

SI Adventure Skills

Introducing the skills required to run a Backwoods Adventure

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Session Guides

Backwoods Adventure Skills
Stages 1-4

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A Pocket Guide

Introducing the skills required to run a Backwoods Adventure

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‘How to’ Videos

Shelter/ Rope Care/ Backwoods Cooking/ Knife Care

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Additional Resources

External links/ resources including Western Province Programme

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