Scouting Ireland Adventure Skills
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Air Adventure Skills activities bring an invigorating dynamic to supporting members to learn and develop across a range of skills that celebrate and engage young people in recognising the connections and links between Scouting and Air based activities.

The Air Adventure Skills explore history, technology and promote a range of STEM and other learning skills areas that aim to capture the imagination, ability and know-how of those undertaking this area of learning.

Here you will find all things Air related.

This page is currently ‘in development’ phase, with new resources and materials provided as and when available, with the intent of helping you create an Air learning programme and adventure that suits you and your group.

If you would like more help with planning and running an Air Programme, contact the SFNI Programme Lead via

Please find a list for external links/ resources that will help support development/ delivery of a Pioneering Adventure Skill Programme.

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